7 Day Waist Training Guide

Getting started with your waist trainer can be a nerve wracking time. Not knowing how long to put it on for and how to use it to maximise its effects can both be concerns. Thankfully, we’ve come up with our 7 Day Waist Training Guide that will tell you all you need to know about starting waist training.

Day 1

The first proper day wearing your waist trainer! Breaking it in, you don’t want to be wearing it for too long as you need to introduce your waist trainer gradually so wear it just for two hours today, three hours maximum (and only if you are completely comfortable to do so).

Day 2

Day 2 of wearing your corset and today you can go to four hours. Today is the day that if you are a beginner you will probably start to really feel the constriction but this should not normally be too uncomfortable. You’ll find that your body will become accustomed to the feeling quickly. Today you may want to try exercising with your waist trainer on, but rather than anything too intense or taxing, go for something more gentle such as basic stretching or PIlates.

Day 3

The third day of your 7 day waist training programme and you can today boost your time limit of wearing your waist trainer to 6 hours. If you are really comfortable wearing in it you may even want to increase this to eight hours. The fact is, the longer you wear it, the more dramatic the results. Regardless of whether you wear it for six or eight hours, continue with the gentle stretching exercises and try to incorporate a little cardio too, maybe for 10 – 15 minutes.

Day 4

If you didn’t do so on Day 3, today you need to increase your time wearing your waist trainer to 8 hours if you possibly can. You’ll no doubt by day four have noticed that your eating habits may well have changed in that you may well not be feasting on larger meals like you did before. This is because you are effectively constructing your stomach thus making you feel fuller. This calorie restriction is another advantage of waist trainers.

Day 5

By Day 5 you should be now well used to your waist trainer and actually be enjoying wearing it. Basically you just need to keep on with what you are doing and perhaps try to push for nine hours of wearing if you want the really best results. The other thing you can do on Day 5 is to push the cardio training a little further and maybe got for 20 minutes.

Day 6

10 hours should be your target by Day 6. By these later days you may find your waist trainer getting a little looser and this is a great sign. Do be sure to tighten it though if you want the maximum results from your waist trainer!

Day 7

Your final day of your 7 day waist training programme and once again you should be going for a full 10 hours. By now you should be doing a 20 minute cardio programme most days too and you’ll be eating a lot healthier too. These things combined will start to really make a big impact upon your appearance. However, 7 days isn’t the end of the story. If you really want to see the big impact of your waist trainer 7 days is just the intro. Carry on wearing your waist trainer regularly for 10 hours per day and after a couple of months you’ll start to see some amazing results

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