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Hi there,

I’m Mummy’s Waisted and I wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

I’m mum to two little ones – a charming son aged 5 and a little princess aged 2. I’ve recently had a complete change of direction (I refuse to admit to a mid-life crisis, as frankly I don’t feel old enough) and joined the world of blogging and internet marketing. So here it is, my first blog post on my first website!

During the inevitable post-Christmas house tidy up, I found myself dusting off the wedding photo on my dressing table, and remembering wistfully the tiny waist I had when we got married eight years (well, tiny in my standards, nothing to compare to skinny celebs).

Where has my waist gone?! Yes, I’ve had two kids…..but also a lot of cakes, crisps, chocolate and sweets. I want my waist back! But I ask myself, how am I going to do that whilst trying to keep my family fed and alive (my minimum priorities)

My waist shaping journey begins………

Gemma x

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