Guest Post – How to choose Spanx

The lovely folks at UK Lingerie have shared with us their top tips on buying Spanx.

What’s the best Spanx shapewear for you?

The world of shapewear is full of myths and urban legends and Spanx, as the Number One brand of shapewear, is no exception to the rule. Let’s start with a few false myths we should prove wrong:

  • Is Spanx shapewear only for plus sizes? No, it isn’t. In fact, most of the celebrities you follow are certainly Spanx fans. This includes the Kardashian-Jenner clan, singer Beyonce, actress Blake Lively and many other well-know celebrities.
  • Will you lose weight wearing Spanx? No, you won’t. Spanx will help you smooth your curves, but you won’t lose any weight. Good news is, neither you’ll put on any weight!
  • Do I need to buy Spanx in a smaller size? No, you don’t. Just go for the right size for you in the level of compression you need, and you’ll feel more comfortable. Make sure you double check size charts before you purchase your Spanx item, too.

What’s the best Spanx for me?

When looking at the best Spanx, you need to think of how much compression you want. Spanx offers three levels of compression. If you want a fine layer to wear every day under your clothes (maybe under a tights dress), go for Level 1 (Smooth). If, on the contrary, you want a wow firm effect that boosts your curves and conceals those areas you don’t like too much, go for Level 3 (Shape). For something in between, go for Level 2 (Support).

Make sure you read the product description before shopping, where you should find all the information about the level of support of the product. Also important is thinking of the clothes you wear. If you are buying Spanx to wear with a strapless dress, you should avoid

  • If you want to flatten your belly: You have several options, the most popular being the high-waisted briefs, which are available in all levels of support. Other alternatives are high-waisted shorts (to shape thighs, waist and belly) and the bodysuits. If you decide to go for a shaping brief, make sure it doesn’t dig into your waist, as it will create an unflattering ‘muffin top’.
  • If you want to smooth your waist and draw your silhouette, you can also go for high-waist briefs/shorts and bodysuits. If you go for a high-waist style, you can pair it with a shaping top or a shaping bra for an ultimate hourglass effect. Indeed, some of these styles are designed to be attached to your own bra.
  • If you want a second layer under your clothes, try one of our Undie Tectable briefs, which are perfect for the everyday wear. You can match them with your Spanx signature bra or combine it with a Spanx slip, with removable and convertible straps.

We hope you find these Spanx tips helpful. You can find out more information in this infographic.

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