Review ~ Bimuno digestive health products

Bimuno digestive health products to aid waist shaping

Digestive health is vital for maintaining a trim stomach area, as excess gas can cause bloating. There are many options for keeping your digestive system in check, not least a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. If however, these are lacking (for whatever reason) there are plenty of supplements that claim to help.

We have been sent a sample pack of Bimuno to test out. Bimuno claims that it improves your digestive health by providing your gut with a healthy balance of good bacteria, and increasing the good bacteria after days of taking the product (with the average time taken being seven days). Bimuno itself is a non-digestible fibre that travels through your system until it reaches your colon, and it is only there where it begins to work.

We have been sent three products to try:
Bimuno daily – these are soluble sachets containing the high fibre ingredients
Bimuno Travelaid – pastilles specifically designed to be taken before travelling abroad, in an effort to ‘protect’ your digestive system (think Delhi belly)
Bimuno Ibaid – pastilles for people suffering with IBS, which contain an optimum dose of the active ingredients

All three of the products contain milk / lactose so would not be suitable for people with allergies.

My husband and I have tried out the Bimuno daily sachets, as these are most appropriate for our lifestyle. They are small foil packets, just slightly bigger than the sugar sachets you find in coffee shops. The powder inside is very fine, almost like the texture of cornflour. It has no flavour to it, so it’s great for stirring into yoghurt, shakes or smoothies, putting onto cereal or into tea or coffee.

Neither my husband or I have any existing health issues, so for us the test was whether it had any impact! It certainly made my occasional morning indigestion go away whilst I was taking it, and my husband felt a reduction in bloating after eating. We both felt that because it is a natural product means we would be more likely to keep taking it. I would definitely consider taking the optimum dose pastilles after illness or a course of antibiotics, in an effort to restore my digestive balance.

*We have been sent a trial pack of Bimuno in exchange for an unbiased review

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