Snapback Package – Reclaim your waist after pregnancy!

Kylie Jenner at awards ceremony

Kylie Jenner has been out in force promoting the Snap Back package that she has used to get her stomach area in shape after giving birth in early February.

It’s pricey at over $200 so we’ve put together our guide to a similar snap back package that you can buy in the UK for all the impact on your waist (but less on your wallet!)

You can choose to buy all of the items, or just the ones that suit your lifestyle:

Waist trimmer

Waist trimmers are designed to give your tummy area a ‘sauna’ as you wear them, as they heat up your core and increase your sweat levels. This means that you lose more excess water. Waist trimmers also have other benefits too – if you choose one with integrated boning, it can provide great support to your back for everyday life, plus they can assist with the recovery of your postpartum stomach muscles.

Our favourites are the TOMASHE waist trimmer (with boning) or the Sweet Sweat original belt.

Slimming cold gel

There are many creams and gels available to use with your waist trimmer to really increase the effect. The Sweet Sweat cream can be used by itself as well, to increase sweat levels wherever it is applied. Please do not apply any creams or gels directly on to c-section wounds or scars.

Our favourites are the Sweet Sweat original cream and Slim Extreme.

Cellulite glove

A cellulite glove helps to break up and remove that pesky cellulite by improving lymphatic drainage. It’s also brilliant for exfoliating your skin and removing dead skill cells (and old fake tan!)

Our favourite is by NYK1 and you can also get massaging versions.

Waist detox tea

Boost your weight loss efforts the natural way with a tea detox plan. The tea contains herbs and spices, plus fruits and flowers to give you a natural cleanse from the inside. Plus the teas are brilliant for reducing bloating and can suppress your appetite.

Our favourites are Cute Teatox 14 day and Burnfat 14 day Detox.

Water reduction pills

Taking apple cider vinegar tablets also helps your weight loss efforts, as it encourages a healthy liquid output and break down of fats in your system. The Nordic Apple Cider Mega tablets also contain dandelion, artichoke and chromium so you get a super boost of all of their natural benefits.

Please consult with your GP, midwife or health professional if you are going to be starting a new diet and exercise regime, especially if you have an existing medical condition.


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