Optimise Your Exercises with the Bracoo SE22 Advanced Waist Trimmer, which is made to raise heart rate and insulate the abdominal core to assist burn calories, tone down, and expedite detoxification through enhanced sweating.
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, improved core stability achieved by gentle compression around the abdomen region minimises excessive movement and supports the torso when handling weights or during training routines.
During cardio exercises like jogging, running, or cycling, the trimmer is held in place by the Patented Anti-Slip Inner Lining, which uses a tactile grid surface. The lightweight belt fits comfortably under clothing; for best results, wear it firmly against the skin.
Superior Materials and Enhanced Sturdiness with full hemming, non-scratch hook and loop fasteners, and neoprene for individuals with delicate skin
Select Your Size: For long torsos, choose S/M 7.5 inch (19cm) or L/XL 9.5 inch (24cm); both sizes accommodate any waist up to 37″ or 50″ and are readily adjustable.


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BRACOO SE22 Waist Trimmer &#03...

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