Sweet Sweat Black Waist Trimmer Belt

Man and woman running Sweet Sweat waist trimmer belts

Sweet Sweat Black Waist Trimmer Belt

Maximise your sweat levels as you work out with this waist trimmer belt, including a free sample of Sweet Sweat gel!

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Enhance your workout with the Sweet Sweat Sports Research waist trimmer belt. It works by increasing the temperature of your core as you exercise, maximising your sweat levels and thermogenic activity.

The waist trimmer is made from latex-free premium neoprene for the ultimate in comfort, with no slipping or bunching as you work out. There’s a clever inner lining that repels moisture absorption so that your waist trimmer stays dry.

Designed to be used in conjunction with the Sweet Sweat gel, for maximum effect – a free sample is included with your purchase.

One size fits all – up to 42″ waist.



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