Waist Training and Shapewear Options

Waist trainers

The sporty version of a traditional corset! These are worn for a long length of time (a recommended number of hours per day) in an effort to ‘train’ your waist to be thinner. This is achieved by compressing the core muscles, increasing perspiration and stimulating thermal activity; the effect of these will be enhanced if you wear the trainer whilst exercising. The impact can also be enhanced by using add on products such as gels and wraps.

Waist trainers are made from a band of material with multiple rows of hook and eye fastenings and integrated boning. This is so you can increase how much you cinch yourself in as you lose inches. They are usually made from latex or rubber, although some are made from softer materials. Don’t worry though, as they do have nice super smooth cotton linings to avoid nasty chafing or excess sweating. They do have strips of integrated boning, but are less restrictive to movement than a traditional corset. This is why they are very popular for wearing whilst exercising or for long periods of time (or even sleeping in). Due to the fabric composition, you will be looking at hand washing.

Waist training vests

A waist trainer built into a vest style, giving you a more streamlined look under sports wear and helping to avoid lumps and bumps! You will be able to wear your own bra with these options.

Waist Cinchers

Similar to a corset but with a fixed ‘size’ so quicker (and easier) for when you need an instant solution. Waist cinchers don’t have inegrated boning, but rely on the nature of the fabric to provide firm or extra firm control.

They are available as a one piece item which you pull on / off, or as a ‘band’ secured by one row of hook and fastening or a zip.

Torsette cinchers

A waist cincher with added straps, but with space to wear your own bra, giving you a more streamlined silhouette at the back under slinky fabrics.


Shaping slip – Firm control shaping slips are great for smoothing and shaping your hips, bum and tummy areas, and give you a confidence boost under that super slinky bodycon dress. Style options include integrated cups, wear-your-own bra or half-slip.

All in one shaper – Nipping you in from under the bust right down to your thighs, this is a brilliant multi-tasker as it can be worn under dresses, skirts or trousers. Available in firm or extra firm, with stretch fabrics and clever contour seams.

Shaping body – A fab option under shorter skirts or dresses, shaping bodies often feature non-slip or invisible seam technology. They are great for smoothing your tummy area and defining your waist.

Thigh slimmer – Fabulous extended shorts giving you a sculpted silhouette across your thighs, hips, bum and tummy area, with firm and extra firm control options. Great for wearing under long skirts/ dresses and trousers.

Control briefs – Slim your waist and tummy without feeling too constrained with this style, available in control options from ‘everyday’ right up to extra firm. A great multi tasker which can be worn under most outfits.

Traditional corsets

A traditional corset has bones (now made of steel rather than whale bones), with hook and eye fastening at the front and lacing at the back. This is for ‘tightlacing’ – as you tighten the laces over time, the boning gradually contorts your ribcage to the hourglass shape of the corset  The boning is key to how the corset works as it allows the corset to keep its shape when it is pulled in tighter and tighter.

Tightlacing is really not for the faint-hearted and is a long term commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly! Corsets are often stylish enough to be worn by themselves or underneath a more revealing outfit.

Waist Trimmers

These products are not specifically designed to give you an hourglass figure (as waist trainers, corsets and cinchers). However they will help towards a slimmer waist, as they promote burning more calories in your heat, basically by heating it! They work to imitate a sauna, helping you to lose fat and water as you work out. They can also be effective at providing support for your back.

Waist trimmers are usually made form neoprene and come with velcro fastening so you can pull yourself in as tight as you want. Be warned though, you will need to wash them regularly due to the sweat factor!