Forever Living F15 programme

Forever Living F15 programme

Following on from the Clean 9 programe, the F15 is the next stage in the Forever Living four step programme. The goal is to lose weight and build lean muscle, and the F15 packages give you everything you need to achieve this.

With the F15 plan, you follow a careful daily schedule of supplements, aloe vera drinking gel and calorie controlled meals. Each day of the 15 follows the same pattern and includes an expert exercise programme.

F15 has three levels – Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. You don’t have to complete all three stages, and where you start depends on your current fitness level. All three stages are available in the Vanilla or Chocolate shae variations.

If you are new to fitness and nutrition, start with the Beginner package.

If you are already moderately active or have completed the Beginner stage, move to Intermediate.

If you are very active or have completed the Intermediate stage, go to Advanced.

You can buy the F15 packages online or you can also purchase directly from Katie Shephard through her email Quote Waist Trainer UK for a special discount!


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