How to Choose Wedding Shapewear

Wedding shoes with bouquet and veil

If your big day is coming up and you’re panicking about a particular part of your body, look no further than our great tips for picking the best shapewear to complement your beautiful wedding dress: Don’t buy any shapewear until you have chosen your dress, as this will determine which style and shape you go […]

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Guide to Buying Swimwear

Swimming pool on holiday for wearing waist shaping swimwear

If you’ve got a holiday coming up, or just want to look your best by the pool, don’t let those waist shaping efforts go to waste by picking the wrong swimwear. Follow our guide to make sure you buy the most flattering costume to really show off those curves! Body Shape Firstly have an honest […]

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The Keto Diet – Overview

Asparagus, avocado, tomato great for Keto diet to aid waist shaping

If you’re looking for a new diet plan, that’s favoured by the likes of Halle Berry, Alicia Vikander and Kim Kardashian, then look no further! The ketogenic (keto) diet is the new hot ticket to losing weight and feeling great. Plus it’s actually based on science, and has been around since the 1920s. The Concept […]

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Love Your Mum Tum! (Part Two)

Following on from our post about the brilliant products you can try out to help ease your mum tum worries, here’s comes the exercise bit! Exercise at home There are loads of exercise programmes that you can try out from the comfort of your living room. Make sure that whatever you choose is suitable for […]

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Love Your Mum Tum!

Women's tummy with hands making heart shape

One of the questions I’m frequently asked is how do I tone up my tummy area after having children? (especially if it’s been a few months or years after you actually gave birth) Don’t despair! There are plenty of options out there, even if you’re short on time, or enthusiasm. Click on the links for […]

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Eating Well After Having a Baby

Fruit and vegetables arranged in a heart shape

If you’ve just had a baby, you’ll have spent the past nine months analysing everything that you’ve consumed. Chances are your newborn cleverly directed you to eat the nutrients it needed to grow and thrive inside you. Now that you’ve given birth, it doesn’t mean that you should stop thinking about what you eat. The […]

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Exercise After Giving Birth

Barbie stretching

After you’ve had a baby, whether it’s your first or fourth, you might be anxious to reclaim your body to its’ pre-pregnancy shape, especially if you were very active before the birth. It can take a while for your body to adjust though, so here’s our advice on exercising safely post-partum: Set realistic goals We’ve […]

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