One size only for the adjustable wrap. Our 13.1-foot wrap is adjustable to fit various body types, allowing you to effortlessly alter the tightness and snatch your waist to your desired level of comfort.You can wear it beneath your dress, and it will fit your waist flawlessly and comfortably.
SEGMENTED VELCRO: Compared to conventional velcro, the segmented velcro’s adjustment is more flexible, more comfortable, and better fits the body. It also keeps the strap from bulging and doesn’t alter its elasticity.
PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: We use latex and breathable, elastic polyester to make our wrap bandages.Good flexibility helps smooth out backrolls and firmly flatten the abdomen.
TEST 10,000 TIMES: Our stomach wrap has withstood 10,000 testing and has proven to be robust, long-lasting, and elastic.
VERSATILE: Body shapers assist you achieve an hourglass figure and smooth your belly.slim down, strengthen your back, straighten your posture, and recuperate after giving birth.It is applicable to yoga studios, offices, and gyms.It is completely concealed by our clothing and won’t be seen.


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