Amazingjoys Waist Trainer Corset Price: £18.49 (as of 03/12/2023 00:00 PST- Details)

Amazingjoys Waist Trainer Corset Price: £18.49 (as of 03/12/2023 00:00 PST- Details)

Size Diagram Please refer to our sizing chart on product images, not Amazon’s ★Excellent Material★.The 80% Neoprence/20% Nylon material is soft and lightweight, with two layers to keep everything in place.The full compression and control flattens the stomach, slims the waist, and lifts the back breast, while the lumbar support belt corrects posture and relieves back discomfort.
BURNS FAT Wearing compression when exercising increases core thermal activity, which increases sweating and toxin release. Portable saunas accelerate weight loss and waist reduction.

★Size Diagram★ Kindly refer to our sizing chart, which is positioned on the product pictures, rather than Amazon’s ★Excellent Material★80% Neoprence and 20% Nylon: very soft, comfy, and light to wear

★Two Layers to Conceal Everything★Give complete control and compression to flatten the stomach, effectively slim the waist, and elevate the back bust area;The lumbar support belt corrects your posture and offers sufficient support to relieve back pain.


★BURNING FAT★ Wearing compression while exercise causes your core to become more active thermally, which boosts sweating and lets toxins out. Increase your rate of weight reduction and around your waist with a portable sauna.

Triple rows of hooks closure & adjustable zipper Provide varying degrees of compression; Front zip is simple to put on and take off thanks to a hook on top; premium zipper conceals the hooks and makes you appear thinner and cleaner9 Spiral Steel Bones Avoid rolling up or down as you sit or move.

★Universal Shaper★Use the Curvy Waist Trainer, which is designed to sculpt your waist and can be worn under regular clothes, for intense sweating during jogging, yoga, the gym, and other training activities.



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