Best Yoga Mats to Buy

What are the best yoga mats to buy?

When you’re looking to buy a yoga mat, whether you’re experienced or a beginner, you may have many criteria. The thickness, material and colour of a mat may all influence your choice.

We’re giving you our top picks of the best yoga mat to buy (click on the name to buy from Amazon):

Maximo Exercise Mat

This is a great all round mat, and is suitable to be used for yoga and pilates as well as for home exercise programmes. It would even make a great extra layer for sleepovers and camping! The dimensions are 183cm long x 60cm wide x 1.2cm thick, and it is made from a moisture resistant, non-slip NBR foam. It’s easy to clean and the manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee. It’s available in black, blue, green or red and has a carry handle.

Proworks Large Padded Mat

This is another great all rounder, which is brilliant for yoga, pilates and home workouts. It’s made from premium quality phthalate and latex -free NBR foam, and stays flat on the floor with no curling at the edges. The dimensions are 183cm long x 60cm wide x 1cm thick and it comes with a carry strap. It’s available in black, purple, pink, blue and green.

Trideer Extra Thick Yoga Mat

Although thinner than the two mats above, this mat is still 1mm than standard yoga mats so you are guaranteed comfort. It measures 170cm long x 60 cm wide x 0.6cm thick. It has a plain coloured side as well as an Indian inspired patterned side, so you can mix up your style when you like. It comes with a carry strap and is phthalate-free.

Bionix Premium Printed Yoga Mat

This is available in black, green, purple or blue and measures 173cm long x 61cm wide x 0.6cm thick. It has one side of plain colour and the other features a cute pattern and logo. This mat is easy to wipe-clean and features moisture resistant technology, so it is hygienic and low maintenance.


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