Keto ~ Fat Fasting

Cut avocado with stone

If you’ve reached a plateau with your keto diet, then fat fasting may give you an excellent boost to losing more weight.

What is fat fasting?

Reducing your calorie intake to between 1,000 and 1,2000 calories per day

80% to 90% of these calories should come from fat sources

Consume your food in four blocks across the day (so 200 to 250 calories per meal)

Fat fasting should only be done for 2 to 4 days otherwise you will start to reverse the benefits, as your body will start using your muscles for energy. You will also drop to a lower metabolic rate, burning less calories and affecting your weight loss in the long term.

Why fat fasting?

Fat fasting can help kick start weight loss and drop up to eight pounds of fat and water.

There are two circumstances where fast fasting is beneficial

  • If your weight has plateaued for two weeks or more
  • If you are just starting the keto diet, or need to get back into ketosis (ie. after a cheat day)

Fat fasting is not suitable if you do not meet these criteria.

The process works because you are basically depriving your body of energy from protein sources, so it has to use fat stores instead.

What can I eat?

You need to be looking for foods which are pure fat, or have a very high fat content. Things like dairy products (cream cheese, double cream etc.), avocados, macademia nuts, eggs and oily fish are all great for fat fast days.

You can eat meat but be careful to look for high fat options and keep an eye on your protein levels.

Fat bombs are a great option for fat fast days (and as snacks on ‘normal’ keto days). These are snacks made from high fat sources such as coconut oil or cream cheese, with added flavours like chocolate or peanut butter. Search for ‘keto fat bomb recipes’ and take your pick from sweet and savoury options!

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