Boost your waist shaping regime

Waist with measuring tape

Do you need an add-on to your waist training efforts? Check out our six easy tips to help you achieve a slimmer waist, even when you’re not sweating it in your waist trainer!

Maximise your shut eye

A study in the US had uncovered that women who achieve more than seven hours of quality sleep per night have slimmer waists than those whose shut-eye is five hours or less. The difference could be as much as 5lbs in weight. This is because the hormone that controls appetite can be disrupted by sleep deprivation. Hence why you’re reaching for a sugar hit when you’re tired – however that high you feel won’t last for long, and you’ll slump back to that attractive hungry and tired state.

Peace and love

Those pesky hormones again! Specifically cortisol, which courses round your body when we’re stressed and can lead to extra fat stored around your stomach area. Plus, our old friend comfort eating will strike! Yoga is a great antidote to stress, as is laughing with a friend, relaxing with a good book or a long hot bath. Deep breathing can also help – breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth – making sure your breath is coming from your tummy (watch for your tummy expanding as you inhale)

Bin the booze

Alcohol can give you stomach bloating, irritate your bowels and contribute to fat stores on your waist. Plus that morning-after feeling is not great for sticking to a healthy diet. If you can’t go completely sober, aim for four days a week with no alcohol and ensure you stay hydrated (with water) on a night out. If you do over-indulge, binge on eggs the next morning as these help to eliminate nasty toxins in your liver and keep you feeling full all day. Make sure it’s just eggs though, and not a full on cooked breakfast!

Fat is your friend

Certain types of oils can actually help you to burn fat stores, particularly around your tummy area. Look for omega 3 fatty acids, olive oil, linseed oil and nuts, and it doesn’t matter if you cook with them or take them as a supplement.

Swap sit ups for the Plank

A Pilates favourite, the Plank is more effective at toning your stomach and sides than traditional sit ups. Work towards a full plank held for sixty seconds, and add on a side plank for extra impact.

Switch to wholegrains

Moving to a diet full of whole grains helps you to burn fat with less effort, plus your digestion is boosted so you’ll clear out more toxins and give your body a lift. Aim for granary bread, brown pasta and rice, porridge oats and wholegrain cereals.



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