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We welcome Katie Shephard from Vitality Health Forever to talk about the Forever Clean 9 weight management programme:

Firstly I am so passionate about this and secondly I am a little geeky when it comes to getting healthy the right way, so I am going to try and control both of these things before I end up writing a book instead of an article for you.

So you’re now thinking one of two things – what is a Clean 9? or oh no here we go, another faddy diet.

Let me answer this for you. Firstly our Clean 9 is not a diet, you do not starve your body from any form of nutrition whilst you are on this nine day journey. It’s all about giving your body a massive kick start to where you want to go. For me it was to lose baby weight, and I was really pleased with my 9lbs and 11inches weight loss. However what the programme is about is teaching you about the possibility of breaking bad habits. For me it was the kids’ tea time and too much daytime snacking to boost my energy after sleepless nights. What I gained in those nine days was huge amounts of energy – I literally de-cluttered my whole house and got so many jobs done that I had previously put off. At the time I suffered badly with migraines and IBS and both of these had stopped. I realised that I wouldn’t die without my morning cup of tea, or the other four to five cups throughout the day (and the kids food didn’t need to be finished up by me!).

So how does it work?

Your body naturally cleanses itself; all we do in the nine days is give it a massive help along with this. If you have toxins in your body, fat has something to hang on to, so if you cleanse the fat has less and less reason to stick around. This is why when you diet you lose weight but gain it again as soon as you stop.

The programme

The programme is made up of two days drinking Aloe Vera drinking gel (this is the key to your body cleansing itself); plus taking supplements that give you energy and nutrients, suppress your appetite and cravings and boost your metabolism. You can choose between a chocolate or vanilla shake and have a list of free foods you can eat. On days 3-9 you introduce a 600 calorie meal, and this to me was a massive eye opener to how much you could actually eat with 600 calories. It teaches you to make better choices with what you eat.

The programme is very straight forward, you have lots of support and it even comes with a 60 day money back guarantee! I felt at my best whilst I was doing this – I had two young boys (one of 5 months old not sleeping through the night) so to me having energy was incredible.

The power of drinking Aloe Vera (which is what I continued to do after this programme) was extremely beneficial for me, as I no longer had the symptoms of IBS and migraines that I had suffered with for years. Drinking Aloe Vera has helped me and so many others – it’s a miracle plant. Feel free to ask me more about this.

If you are looking to feel like a better version of you, or maybe you have tried dieting and its just not working for you and now you know why, give the Clean 9 a go. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain in energy and health.

**Warning** – I must warn you this programme does lead to a lot of compliments about your hair, skin and nails too! So be prepared to smile lots and graciously accept these compliments for nine days.

Katie runs Vitality Health Forever as well as being a busy mum of two boys, and supporting other local mums in a networking group. You can contact Katie through her site or Facebook page for a promo code.

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