Guest Post ~ Forever Living F.I.T.15 programme

Forever Living F15 package for waist training

We welcome back Katie Shephard from Vitality Health Forever to talk about the Forever FIT15 weight management programme:

I have been invited to explain about the F15 programme. You may ask why you need this if you have completed a Clean 9 why would you want to continue for a further 15 days??
The Clean 9 is a kick start to getting you what you want its about breaking bad habits and allowing your body to completely cleanse so that fat can no longer cling to toxins.
The F15 is a programme about changing your body, its a great programme like the C9 where everything comes simply in a box with simple instructions and receipes you can follow. The good news is your calorie intake is higher on this programme and the even better news is the exercises you complete you don’t even need to leave your home. The exercises are varied and have different levels so you can choose what suits you and your lifestyle.
I frequently found myself doing my exercises with 2 little cheerleaders beside me so it soon became a family affair lol
The F15 will change your body shape so I always advise to take a quick picture before starting to compare after the 15 days. I found this very motivating as you simply forget what you saw in the mirror on day 1.
The F15 you can pick your flavour of gel too choosing from original or nectar beret which contains the added benefit of apples and cranberries to act as antioxidants. You can also choose your level beginner, intermediate or advanced depending on your level of current exercise.
I am happy to help with making the right choice for you so please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have or advise you need.
Katie runs Vitality Health Forever as well as being a busy mum of two boys, and supporting other local mums in a networking group. You can contact Katie through her site or through her email Quote Waist Trainer UK for a special discount.

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