The other benefits of waist trainers and trimmers

Woman suffering from back pain, in need of a waist trimmer for support

You’ve seen the hype around celebrities using waist trainers, trimmers and erasers to achieve a teeny tiny waist, and perhaps it puts you off? Becoming an hourglass might not be your thing, but did you know that waist trainers and trimmers have lots of other benefits?

Back Issues

Waist trainers and most waist trimmers have steel bones built into them. The standard is nine bones, but you can also get waist trainers with twenty five! This provides great support if you suffer from back issues. It’s not going to be a fix for your problems, but it can definitely help you to keep your back in a structured upright position and remove some pressure from your lower back.

They can also act as a brilliant support garment if you have a very physical profession or are on your feet all day (or night). Plus they’re a great add on to your existing workouts.


Similarly, waist trainers and trimmers can aid you to have good posture, because you physically can not slouch with the integrated boning! Good posture is essential for mitigating back issues and increasing your self-confidence.

For mums

In the same way that waist trainers and trimmers can be a useful aid for back issues, they are also brilliant for post-partum mums. Although wearing one is not going to ‘cure’ you by itself, it will aid the recovery of your stomach muscles, particularly providing support after a c-section.

Wearing a waist trimmer is a great multi-tasker too, as the ‘stomach sauna’ effect of losing excess water around your tummy area can be done whilst you carry out your daily activities.

If you’ve seen the snap back package that Kylie Jenner has been promoting, to reclaim her pre-pregnancy figure, have a look at our guide for similar products that you can use to get back into shape (and it doesn’t have to be an hourglass shape!)

Self confidence

Just by putting on a waist trainer or trimmer, you will immediately see an inch loss and smoothing of the stomach area. This is a great boost to your self-confidence, again particularly good for new mums.

This can help towards your motivation to embark or carry on a healthy diet and exercise programme (just wearing a waist trainer or trimmer will not make you lose weight by themselves!)

Having the compression on your waist is also a good reminder to not overeat!

Please consult with a medical professional if you have an existing medical condition or are starting a new health and fitness regime.

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