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You may have heard of the Sweet Sweat waist trimmer belt, which has become a huge hit worldwide, but did you know that the name actually refers to the workout cream? It was developed in the late 70s by athlete Jeff Pederson in the USA, in an effort to enhance the performance of the athletic club he belonged to (with 500 members).

Fast forward 40 years and the Sweet Sweat workout cream has been used by professional and amateur athletes around the world. It helps them to get the best from their workouts – accelerating warm-up and recovery times as well as increasing circulation. Using Sweet Sweat boosts thermogenic activity – your body’s ability to heat up and sweat, which in turn burns calories and fat.

The Sweet Sweat range of products has expanded since the 1970s and now includes the following (click to purchase):

Waist Trimmer Belt

  This is a stretchy band which you fasten around your stomach area whilst you exercise, to help increase your core temperature. It is made from specially designed fabric that does not absorb moisture, and is flexible enough to move with you as you workout. The belt can be used in conjunction with the Sweet Sweat Gel or Cream for added impact.

Thermogenic Action Cream

The latest in the famous line of unique workout creams, this works to increase your sweat levels in the areas it is applied. Simply apply to your skin, without rubbing it in. This cream can be used underneath the other Sweet Sweat workout garments for added results.

Thigh Trimmers

Working in the same way as the waist trimmer belt, these two thigh trimmers help to maximise your sweat levels on your thighs. They can also lessen the frequency of pulled muscles. Can be used with the Sweet Sweat Gel or Cream.

Arm trimmers

These arm trimmers are designed to fit around your biceps, giving you compression but with enough movement to carry out your exercise regime. Again, these can be used in conjunction with the Sweet Sweat Gel or Cream.

All of the garments are available with a pink or yellow logo.

Please consult with a medical professional before using any of these products if you have an existing medical condition.


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