With a zip closure and three rows of hooks, the snug fit may be adjusted to fit as you lose inches. When used, the waist trainer for women helps lower waist circumference by three to four inches. It can also be used to mend a postpartum tummy and make you appear stunning for any event.
The latex waist trainer corset is flexible, long-lasting, and bends readily yet returns fast to its original shape thanks to its nine spiral steel boned support. The steel bones give your lower back more support and help with posture, which helps you appear more confident and erect.
Belly Control Body Contouring: With its high compression and 360-degree shaping around the midsection and lower back, this waist-cincher corset helps you create a gorgeous hourglass curve by compressing your belly and trimming your waist.
Women’s 100% natural latex corsets will cover almost all of your stomach, trapping heat in your core and increasing perspiration during exercise to help you lose cellulite on your belly more quickly.
The seamless, smooth surface of the waist training corset is made to be worn beneath garments or gowns at any time. The perspiration is absorbed by the skin-friendly, breathable cotton inside, which keeps you comfortable to wear all day. Perfect for regular use, office work, fitness centres, weddings, and parties.


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YIANNA Zip Latex Waist Trainer

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