Can I lose weight just by watching Tom Kerridge?

Tortilla pizza

So, I think I might be a small bit in love with Tom Kerridge. It’s been bubbling along for a while, but it’s now turned into a full blown crush with his new series about his book Lose Weight for Good.

Last night was episode 2 in the series, which airs at 8pm on a Wednesday evening, in a truly exciting pairing with Michael Mosley in Trust Me, I’m a Doctor at 8.30pm (I think Dr Mosley might make my list too)

In his previous book (Tom Kerridge’s Dopamine Diet), the slimmed down chef described his diet approach of cutting out starchy carbs and alcohol in favour of protein, veg and fruit, to help to release more dopamine ‘the happy hormone’. The new book now focuses on reducing daily calories, but most importantly, without compromising on flavour.

Take last night’s low calorie pizza for example, it was still topped with parma ham, tomato sauce, olives and mozzarella for that pizza taste. But it had a flour tortilla base to cut down on the calories of a traditional pizza base, and Tom grated the mozzarella so that a little amount went further. Only 440 calories for one pizza instead of 516 calories for only three slices of Dominos Vegi-Supreme (and who has ever stopped at three slices?)

Other recipes which featured last night were cajun scrambled eggs for an easy breakfast dish, a French apple tart using low-fat puff pastry and a quick and easy pea and ham pasta. Each week the series has a different theme, episode 1 was comfort food and last night was quick and easy – recipes for people who don’t have much time, or experience in the kitchen. The recipes certainly do seem to be achievable at home, without too much faff or expensive ingredients (although I think I won’t mention the inclusion of anchovies in the pasta to my hubby)

A big tick to the recipe side of things, but the format seems a little cliched. Tom has bought together a group of 13 dieters from his local area and each week a few of them are featured with their ‘story’, and get to test run some of the recipes. I’ve nothing against a group of people supporting each other to lose weight, but it does seem to take up more of the programme than necessary, meaning less recipe time (and less Tom close-up time)

I still love him though x


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