Shapewear top tips

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Check out our helpful tips for buying shapewear before you commit to your purchase!

  • Breathing – before you buy, think about the occasion and how long you will need the shapewear on for. Extra firm and super strong shapewear should be reserved for occasions where you don’t mind trading comfort for appearance. Medium or firm control shapewear is much more comfortable if you need to wear it for more than a few hours (and for occasions involving eating!) Look at our guide for the different types of shapewear available.
  • Check your size – a smaller size won’t make you look smaller, it will only cause bulges! Make sure you check your measurements as all brands vary in their sizing, and if in doubt go up a size or opt for firmer control. No-one but you will know what size you’ve chosen!
  • Don’t buy white! Always go for nude or natural colours if you need shapewear to wear under a white outfit.
  • Match your shapewear fabric to your outfit – elastane / spandex / polyester will be smoother under cotton fabrics and you’ll definitely need to go seam free to avoid lines underneath silk or clingy fabrics.
  • Wear your own bra – shapewear that covers your bust is never a good idea if you are blessed in the bosom area. There are plenty of options for smoothing and shaping bras which will be much more comfortable.
  • Fit to your shape – see our guide to matching your shapewear to your body shape.
  • Practice runs – always try on your shapewear and outfit with time to spare! Although seam free can be the best option for some fabrics, it may not be the right shape and style for what you need. Seams may be your friend if they’re in the right place. You also need to know what your options and timings are when nature calls!
  • Treasure your shapewear – most styles are hand wash only and shouldn’t be dried next to a heat source (think air drying rather than radiator)

Here at Waist Trainer we believe there are many ways to achieving the figure you desire, and many different options when it comes to products.

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