Keto recipes – Every Day Recipes

When you first embark on a Keto diet programme, the change to your daily meals can seem overwhelming. Here we give you some recipes for familiar meals, which are easy to prepare and don’t need any fancy or expensive ingredients:

Easy satay (2 servings)

This is great for chicken, pork, Quorn, tofu or even vegetables – just make sure that whatever you use is cut into thin strips.

For the marinade – Mix together 1tbsp curry powder with 2 tbsp of coconut milk (I used 25g of creamed coconut mixed with 200ml boiling water to make coconut milk). Stir this into your meat / vegetables and leave to marinate, for an hour preferably.

For the sauce – In a small saucepan, mix together 150ml coconut milk with 7-10g of crunchy peanut butter, a dash of soy sauce, a few dried chilli flakes and 5g of Stevia sweetener. Heat on high, stirring constantly until the sauce thickens to your desired consistency. If it gets too thick, you can add some water or milk to loosen it.

Whilst the sauce is thickening, cook your meat / vegetables in a little olive oil, a griddle pan is a good option for this. If you are using root vegetables, roast them in the oven to ensure that they are cooked through.

Serve with the sauce poured over, and with some green vegetables on the side – pak choi and kale make great accompaniments.

Chicken and Bacon Salad (2 servings)

This version maximises your fat consumption but again, the chicken and bacon can be substituted out for other meats or vegetarian replacements.

Cut four rashers of streaky bacon into small pieces and fry in a frying pan. Remove from the pan and set aside, leaving the fat in the pan.

Sprinkle 3-4 boneless chicken thighs with salt, pepper, dried thyme and crushed garlic / garlic granules.

Cook the chicken thighs in the bacon fat over a medium heat, turning frequently. Add a knob of butter to the pan once the thighs are nearly cooked, and turn the chicken again to ensure that they are covered all over.

Turn the heat off and remove the thighs from the pan, leaving them to cool with the bacon. Slice into strips.

Once the frying pan has cooled, add one tbsp of double cream and stir to incorporate all of the chicken juices. This creates a dressing for your salad.

Serve the bacon and chicken with a large green salad, plus half an avocado sliced up, with the cream dressing mixed in.

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