Life got in the way…….but we survived

Laying on sofa with blanket

I had good intentions for this week, really I did……but life got in the way. After a chilled out Monday with the little one (or as relaxed it can be with a two year old wearing a headband and waving pom poms), I was all geared up for a productive few days of work work work (and maybe starting Davina Toned in 10)

Tuesday went well, some writing, some techy bits on the site and some successful domain auctions – tick. Then I went out, by myself, for a mummy night out, for about the first time in six months (more about that another time). So far so good, although I did get home way past my bedtime. Then it all imploded.

Little one’s cough had got worse so I ended up sat up with her alllll night, and then realised that I was coming doing with the same bug too. Nothing major, no Aussie flu, but still not great for my productive week. I spent all night dreading how bad I was going to feel the next day, plus little one wouldn’t go to nursery so I wouldn’t be able to get any work done, and so on and so on.

But actually, Wednesday was a bit of a revelation. I dragged myself up, had a shower and felt moderately alive (although I was fairly mute on the school run). I actually managed to get some writing done on the laptop on the sofa, snuggled up with little one. So we were both happy. It was actually really nice, knowing that she was getting the rest she needed and lots of cuddles with mummy. I didn’t have the awful guilt I used to have, when I would still pack her off to nursery because I felt I had to go into the office.

Thankfully little one got more sleep on Wednesday night so it was pretty much back to normal on Thursday, and she made up for lost time by not wanting to come home from nursery.

And in the midst of all that, big one lost his second tooth, started his first after school club and even slept for an extra half an hour this morning. I feel like these positive things are at the forefront of my mind now, whereas when I was employed four days a week I would just have been focusing on little one being ill.

So maybe I’ll have to catch up a bit at the weekend but that’s OK, I can look back on my working week with pride (just not for the reasons I started off with, sorry Davina, you’ll have to wait a bit more)

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