Best Health and Fitness Gurus in 2018

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There’s a whole host of health and fitness books and DVDs out there, all with their own unique programmes, so who should you go with to achieve your waist shaping goals? These are the diet and fitness trends we love at Waist Trainer, and we think you should follow them in 2018:

Davina : Toned in 10

The lovely Davina McCall is back with the ‘own your goals’ programme, which focuses on core strength alongside cardio. It’s based on lots of different fitness techniques, and you can mix and match from the 10 different sections to create your own ‘class’ (without anyone else seeing how much you’re sweating). It’s available to buy as a DVD through Amazon as well as to buy through the Sky Store. The reviews so far are very positive, watch this space for me attempting this programme whilst wearing a waist trainer…eek!

@thisisdavina / Facebook / Website / YouTube

The Body Coach : Fat Loss Plan

The equally lovely Joe Wicks has released a follow on to his Lean in 15 range with a new book of 100 recipes which are quick and easy, and even have corresponding HIIT workouts (who could ask for more?) All of the recipes can been mde in 15 minutes and aim to fuel you up ready for your workout (or just a normal day) I will be attempting to cook some of the recipes to test out this theory, hopefully without any small ‘helpers’. Joe’s Facebook page is crammed full of gorgeous recipes, pictures and workout videos (not so gorgeous)

@thebodycoach / Facebook / Website / YouTube

The Food Medic : Recipes & Fitness for a Healthier, Happier You

Dr Hazel Wallace’s first book has been out for a few months now, but she has just announced a follow-on to be released in April. The Food Medic is a firm favourite of Gary Barlow (especially the banana bread) and contains recipes as well as the real evidence behind diet myths. Hazel’s Facebook page and blog have a good mix of recipes, musings and science based articles (plus a fair amount of Gary Barlow)

@thefoodmedic / Facebook / Website / YouTube

Tom Kerridge : Lose Weight for Good

Well, what can I say about my favourite chef? He’s back with another book to help you lose weight and keep it off long term, this time based on reducing daily calories but not compromising on flavour. So far, the book and accompanying BBC2 series have received rave reviews (not least from me) and Tom himself is the proof that it works! I’m very upset that there’s no YouTube channel though 🙁

@cheftomkerridge / Facebook

Kayla Itsines : The Bikini Body Motivation and Habits Guide

The world’s number one fitness influencer (according to Forbes) brings you a new book, which looks at what gets in the way of achieving our health and fitness goals, and how to overcome this. There’s a 28 day meal plan and workout plan, plus over 200 recipes. The Facebook page has plenty of inspirational videos and has a really nice community vibe

@kayla_itsines / Facebook / Website / YouTube

Zanna van Dijk : STRONG

Again this another book that has been out for a while, but Zanna continues to be a social media hit, both as herself and as part of GirlGains. Zanna’s Facebook page has health and fitness related videos, as well as lifestyle and motivational ones, and she comes across as a genuinely nice person!

@zannavandijk / Facebook / Website / YouTube / @thegirlgains

DASH diet

This has come top of the ‘best diet’ polls in the US for the eigth year in a row. It’s a diet which is designed to reduce hypertension (high blood pressure) but is also great for diabetes, cholesterol control and heart health. It’s pretty common sense to be honest, recommending cutting back on saturated fat and sweetened drinks and sweets. Plus it’s free and there’s no ‘face of DASH’ to make you feel unworthy! (although some of the sites and the Facebook page are very American) Check out this website for all of the details plus an eating plan, plus there are plenty of recipe books available, including the new Everyday DASH diet cookbook

@dashdiet  / Facebook

3 Replies to “Best Health and Fitness Gurus in 2018”

  1. Petra Pan says:

    I love Davina McCall. She has always looked incredible despite ageing and having had children. She is an inspiration!

    1. Gem says:

      Yes I hope I can look like that at her age!

  2. Jayne Kelsall says:

    Have to say Davina , she is a huge inspiration to lots of women, she seems to have a very hands on approach and with all the books and DVD’s there is lots of her material available .

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