The Kardashian waist training story

Waist training has been around in some form or another for hundreds of years, waist trainers essentially being very much the same as old fashioned corsets but taking advantage of modern materials. They work by tightly compressing the wearer’s waist which over a gradual period of time trains the waist to be smaller and thinner. When utilised consistently over several months alongside regular exercise and healthy eating, they can be a very, very effective way of getting that tiny waist and the classic hourglass figure that is desired by so many modern women. But where did the phenomenon come from?

Corsets have been about for hundreds of years but specific waist trainers have been in existence for about 30 years but it wasn’t until 2014 that they really came to the public’s attention. What was the reason for this? The global phenomenon that is Kim Kardashian.

It’s hard not to know who Kim Kardashian. A global megastar of the internet age, she has 86.6 million followers on Instagram and 48.8 million on Twitter. The world went into meltdown one fine day in 2014 when Kim posted a picture of her shockingly small waistline whilst wearing a blue coloured corset. Hashtags on the message included #NoPhotoshopNecessary, #waist training, #hourglass and

Obviously, thanks to Kim Kardashian’s global megastar status, it wasn’t long until the waist trainer was the number one fashion accessory that every woman wanted to be seen with and within days more and more stars and icons were seen wearing waist trainers. The waist trainer worn by Kim Kardashian was made by fitness and shapewear brand Ann Chery.

Kim Kardashian soon turned the waist training craze into a moneymaking opportunity and soon, her sisters were in on the act too, with Khloe Kardashian, Kourtney Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner all being pictured wearing waist trainers. Thanks to the influence of Kim Kardashian and her sisters, millions of women across the world have now been introduced to the world of waist training and are enjoying showing off their amazing hourglass curves. Alongside a small waist, many women are reporting a significant boost of confidence, the waist trainer making them feel great

Whilst Kim Kardashian and her sisters may not have invented the waist trainer, their use of them and their portrayal of them through social media has brought them to the masses and now millions of women enjoy their use around the world.

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