Our favourite waist trimmers

Waist trimmer belt

Waist trimmers are different to waist trainers – they are ‘bands’ which fasten with velcro that you wear whilst exercising. The logic being that they create a ‘sauna’ around your stomach area, meaning you lose excess water and helping you to lose weight. Here’s a round-up of our favourite waist trimmers:

TOMASHE Women’s Waist Trimmer Sports Workout Belt

This is a great standard shape waist trimmer belt, giving you great comfort plus a heated effect on your stomach when you workout. It’s available in Black, Blue, Purple or Pink and made from neoprene with a velcro close. The special fabric is pierced to allow enhanced breathability. It features four integrated acrylic bones which give you support for your posture whilst you exercise. The waist trimmer is available from Small to XXLarge and the design of it means there is plenty of flexibility for increasing the compression as you lose those inches!

ANGOOL Waist Trimmer Vest With Adjustable Waist Trainer Belt

This is two things in one – combining a sports bra and a waist trimming belt, this vest from Angool gives you plenty of support whilst you work out plus the all important ‘tummy sauna’ effect. It’s made from comfortable neoprene, with strong velcro to tighten the waist belt. It it even has an integrated pocket inside for you valuables! It’s available in stylish grey, black or hot pink and comes in sizes XSmall to 5XLarge. It is hand wash only, and it is recommended that you sponge clean it frequently. The bust area is a fixed size and has a zip closure, so you may need to go up a size if you have a larger than average bust (check the size guide carefully).

Camellias Women’s Waist Trimmer

This waist trimmer from Camellias is wider than some of those available so offers more support for your posture, as well as an increased ‘tummy sauna’ area. Again it’s made from latex free neoprene and is available in a large range of colours. Sizing goes from Small to XXLarge. As with the Tomashe belt, this waist trimmer offers integrated acrylic bones to provide posture support and encourage your lower back muscles to tone up. When you are checking your size, the manufacturer guide guides you the length of the belt and not your waist size, so make sure you have calculated the correct size!



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