Guest Post ~ The Kardashian Effect

The Kardashians may have caused controversy and scandal since they burst onto scenes, glossy mags and social media back in 2017. But one positive these gorgeous, glossy-haired, curvy females have caused is the shaking up of the fitness industry!

The Kardashians have increased female body positively and empowerment an unbelievable amount. They’ve helped girls recognise that every body shape is different and that’s totally fine. So whether you’re strong like Khloe, curvy like Kim or petite like Kourtney, that’s completely normal!

The motto strong not skinny is everywhere these days. And for good reason! Gone are the days that teen girls yearn to be stick thin, with the size zero trend being tossed aside for girls wanting round bums and toned abs. When I go the gym, I see just as many females at the squat rack and near the free weights, as I do men. And I think it’s amazing!

I suffered from anorexia when I was younger. And although I think the condition is something that never really goes away, going to the gym has really helped manage it. Body positivity from the Kardashians has helped me recognise mentally, that I no longer want to be super skinny. And when your end game is achieving curves that rival Kim K’s, I know I can only do this with regular trips to the gym to work my glutes! Plus the gym doesn’t make you feel guilty about indulging in that pizza and that glass of wine (or ten!)

So here’s to female empowerment this International Women’s Day, and recognising the importance of fitness in your life! So you can always be a #GirlBoss and stay strong both physically and mentally!

Thanks to Lucy from Life of Luce for this empowering guest post.

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