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Are your waist training efforts a bit lacking? (yes, mine too). Well don’t worry, my favourite doctor-crush Michael Mosley (or Sir Michael Mosley as I like to think of him in my head) has come up with the answer.

How much is enough?

In his latest programme ‘The Truth about Getting Fit’, Michael carried out an experiment with a group of office workers who carried out HIIT (high intensity interval training) on exercise bikes. The study showed that just two minutes of HIIT per week (spread over three sessions) was enough to increase aerobic levels by over 10% and reduce the amount of sugar in your muscles by over 20%. You would have to jog for three to five minutes for the same effect, so HIIT is your friend if time is limited.

The good news is that there are plenty of HIIT resources out there to help.

One of our favourites is the HIIT Revolution app* created by personal trainer Laura Bailey and TBAG Games Ltd. The benefits of the app are:

– You can create your own workouts, altering the type of exercises you do and the length of each one, as well as the number of sets and rest breaks.

– You gain points for each workout which can be really motivational and help keep you on track as it can get quite addictive trying to get as many points as possible!

– It features a range of 8 week challenges which I created to give you extra motivation. These contain weekly points targets and suggested workouts to help you achieve these points.

– There are a range of pre-prepared workouts already on there, including all the ones we’ve done at the classes so far, so if you just want to access a session quickly you can just click and go!

– Each workout has a sharing code so once you’ve completed it (or created your own workout) you can send the sharing code to a friend and they can do the workout too.

– All the exercises have tutorial videos so you’ll know exactly how to do them correctly.

It’s a subscription app as there will be more content added to it each month, and the prices do vary according to what kind of subscription you choose.

It’s available on the Play store or iOS.

Want a slower pace?

Also featured in the programme was an experiment about whether 10,000 steps per day is the optimum amount. What the study actually found was that three bursts of ten minutes of brisk walking was more beneficial to your health, because the ten minute bursts contained higher intensity exercise than 10,000 steps spread over a day (so it’s a bit like HIIT in slow motion). Have you experiemented with HITT combined with a waist trainer? Let us know!


* We have not been paid to feature this app, and there are many other HIIT apps available on Play store or iOS.


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