Top hacks for a slimmer waist

Silver belt buckle around waist

No time for waist training? Have a look at our tips for slimming your waist without the pain!

  • Rock out with an all-black body-con outfit – now come on, who needs an excuse to get those black skinny jeans out of the wardrobe?
  • Choose a slimline coat or jacket and nip it in further with a belt.
  • Think elegant and polished and tuck in your top, giving you an illusion of a high waist.
  • Wrap dresses are your friend, drawing attention to your waist with a horizontal tie. Achieve a similar effect with a contrasting belt on your dress.
  • High waisted trousers are not just for Simon Cowell – smaller waist + longer legs, tick!
  • A sleek pencil skirt can elongate your waist, just watch out that the length doesn’t cut off too far down your calves.
  • Regress to the 90s and tie your shirt around your middle – not a good idea with a chunky jumper though!
  • Look out for colour block dresses with contrasting side panels, creating a clever optical illusion.
  • Add volume to your hips or shoulders – think structured or puff sleeves plus tulip skirts or pleats. Try to keep in proportion though to avoid looking like Mr Cheeky.
  • Drinking green tea stimulates fat-burning and weight loss. You’ll need at least seven cups per day so look out for green tea supplements.
  • Munching on unsaturated fats helps you to feel fuller for longer but also stimulates fat burning.

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