Crazy celebrity diet tricks


We all know that celebs have access to the top trainers and dieticians, but now you can gain an insight into the tip and tricks they use to keep their figures fabulous.

Beyonce – moving on from the craziness of that lemon juice diet, Beyonce had turned to veganism to help her maintain a healthy weight and figure. She has even helped to start a home delivery service in the US with her personal trainer to spread the plant based message.

Miranda Kerr – the Victoria’s Secret model and skincare guru swears by a spoonful of unrefined coconut oil every day, to get her digestion moving and clear out your system every morning. Plus she advocates plenty of sex to keep her arms and stomach toned.

Sophia Loren – the Italian legend loves to partake in pasta – but only in small doses. Despite famously publishing an Italian cookbook in the 70s, she stresses that the portions should be teeny tiny (think the size of a ball fist). Still, some carbs is better than none!

Marisa Miller – the American model has a novel approach to keeping herself in check – literally wearing less clothes! She says that seeing her body helps to motivate her to eat less. Hmm, naked spag bol anyone?

Liv Tyler – the stylish actress has tip with added benefits. When in the shower, Liv will run it cold for the last couple of minutes – both giving you shinier hair and ‘making you feel thinner’ – if you can bear it!

Josephine Skriver – those Victoria’s Secret models get everywhere, but this tip is very easy to follow! Josephine drinks a mug of hot water every morning and evening to clear out her system and improve her skin.

Carine Roitfield – the former Vogue Paris editor has a few simple tips for keeping her chic French figure. She only drinks green tea during the day, and vodka at night, and uses ballet for fitness. Tres chic!

Halle Berry – the super toned actress has a great tip for making your outside look and feel fab – a good old scrub with coffee grounds, which is said to tone your skin and even reduce the appearance of pesky cellulite. Don’t use it to make yourself a brew afterwards though.

Brooklyn Decker – the actress and model has a very significant soundtrack to her workout – only Taylor Swift will do! It’s all about the dancing apparently.

Elle Macpherson – along with other celebs such as Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston, ‘the Body’ follows a diet which minimises acidic foods (like coffee and alcohol) and crams in alkaline foods (like leafy veg and and whole grains). She even resorts to testing her wee to make sure she’s in balance.

Gwyneth Paltrow – alongside the alkaline diet, Gwynnie is also a fan of elimination (and no, we’re not talking husbands). After any ‘naughty’ eating, the actress will eliminate all nasties from her diet (including dairy, gluten and orange juice).

Heidi Klum – fight your toxins the supermodel way by necking down a spoonful of apple cider vinegar a day. It’s great for lowering blood pressure and boosting weight loss.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum – if being a new mum isn’t enough work for you, make like Channing Tatum’s wife and fit a workout into your nursery routine. The actress and dancer incorporated squats and lunges into her daughter’s sleep routine.




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